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Janine is an educator, healer, writer and artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

It’s so great to meet you. My name is Janine Meadley and what gets me out of bed every day is my passionate belief that there are compassionate and intelligent humans on this planet who want to heal it as badly as I do. You’re probably here because you are one. And because you’re one of those incredible people, you are probably more interested in hearing about my life experience than reading my CV. (If you do happen to want to read my CV, you’re welcome to check out my LinkedIn profile.) So here’s my story.

The arts have always been important to me. I begged my parents to let me learn piano when I was three years old. Eventually, at the ripe old age of five, they acquiesced. I grew up playing music, singing and dancing every spare minute. I studied drama and music at University, later teaching Performing Arts. Photography was a big deal in my family and I’ve always been a sucker for it too. I stumbled across spoken word on a journey to self-discovery a few years ago and I’ve been slogging away on some children’s picture books since, trying to find a way to break all the rules the publishing houses insist on (while still getting published – it’s a long road…).

I discovered reiki in my mid-30s and it was a life-changing experience. It taught me that there’s so much we don’t know or understand about the world. I now know better than to judge anyone for their beliefs. Spirituality has become a cornerstone of my life and I genuinely believe we all have a purpose on this earth – and that is to evolve into something better than what we started as. Serendipity is, in my view, the most fun you can have on the spiritual path and I highly recommend dipping your toes in – it dragged me to India to introduce me to my (then future) wife, but that’s another story.

I’ve jumped in and out of teaching more often than some criminals jump in and out of prison. Teaching in schools has often felt a bit like prison to me, which is generally why I choose to dabble in other areas of education (such as leadership development and education writing). I don’t want to be a security guard, I want to bring out the very best in young people. I just can’t help but get sucked back into the classroom occasionally though. I love the kids and how much you have to think on your feet. It’s also a great excuse for me to have a piano in my office and be the naughty kid in staff meetings.

I love creating projects and side-hustles in my spare time. When I get going, it’s like an obsession and I can’t stop until I have it out in the world. Below you’ll see many of my projects. I read a book about slash (/) careers once and fell in love with the idea of having several jobs at once. I feel like when I work on these projects, I’m living the dream. I also hope to one day take my life fully mobile and work from a camper, or wherever I choose to be in the world (which I did for one day in 2021 and absolutely loved it!).

I believe that just because something has been a certain way for a long time, doesn’t make it right. I don’t like to rest in complacency. The way I see it is: if you’re not growing – you’re dying! That includes systems, it includes your relationships and it definitely includes your work. I genuinely believe we have so much potential to shift the entire way we do things, healing society and the planet as we go. Want to join the revolution with me?

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