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Episode 9: Using breath to control the autonomic nervous system

photo by @cool2beconscious

Janine, host of the Teacher Healer podcast, talks about her recent experiences with breathwork and cold therapy and how these regulate the autonomic nervous system and could be used to improve the way we create a new normal post-pandemic.

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Janine Meadley is an experienced educator with a background in performing arts and well-being. She has worked in classrooms, policy making, curriculum design and educational leadership training. Her current passion is finding solutions to heal the people and systems in education so that they can go on to heal the world. 

Your homework: How could you use cold therapy and breathwork to come back into your parasympathetic nervous system, and how could you support the children in your life to do the same?

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Image by Cool 2 Be Conscious

Music by Twisterium from Pixabay.

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