The Vision

Education has the power to heal the world.

Many of us had experiences of schooling that left us feeling broken and disappointed. That doesn’t mean our next generations need to have that experience.

So much is already changing. So much is possible.

Teacher Healer is all about healing the core of the system and finding new and innovative ways of framing education so that it can be a force for good in the world.

Through my podcast and blog, I aim to uncover as many methodologies and ideas as I can that can help us create a new system – one that works for students, teachers, families and society.

So much work needs to be done to ensure our planet is healed in the face of the climate crisis. We also need to heal our relationships and forge new pathways through reconciliation and acceptance of our diverse identities. Driving young people towards material success is no longer a satisfactory methodology for schools. We need to start seeing our planet as our mother, our home. We need to start viewing one another as brothers and sisters, united in a common purpose. All the world’s religions have been stating these simple facts for so long. We can no longer ignore the call. We must act now.

Hope is our pathway forward. Positivity and action can drive us to where we want to go. Join me as we look at not only what we can do for education, but what education can do for us all.

The Host

Janine is an educator, social innovator, writer and performing artist based in Melbourne.

The Project

Come on a journey with me to find solutions to heal the world and heal ourselves. If you’re an educator, leader, parent or healer, this one’s for you.

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