Francean McCall: Alternatives to mainstream classroom education

In this episode, I’m joined by Francean McCall, director of Functional Education. Francean speaks about how her health forced her to find alternatives to mainstream classroom education and how she built a homeschool empire.

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After a career in Hydrology and Coastal engineering, Francean McCall decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a teacher. After qualifying, she taught science at a public college before transitioning into the Steiner Waldorf system. When her life took an unexpected turn, Francean needed to find ways to continue her passion for teaching – outside of the traditional classroom environment. She now spends her days reimagining education and co-creating learning experiences filled with wonder and connection.

Your homework:

  • How could you approach routine and flexibility in your classroom to better suit the needs of your students?
  • Consider further: What alternative streaming opportunities might be possible to better meet the varied needs and learning styles of your students.

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