Amanda Freeman: Supporting individual needs and energies

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In this episode, I’m joined by Amanda Freeman, Energy Coach and Facilitator. Amanda speaks about how her experience with disability and adult education taught her the value in supporting individual needs in learning environments. She also talks about the power of reiki as a tool for healing for kids as well as adults.

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Amanda helps purpose-driven well-being professionals and therapists develop both the confidence and the go-forward plan to reach their most cherished life and career goals. In safe, sacred space they conquer fears, clear energy blocks, and develop sky-high confidence in order to make powerful, intuitive life and career decisions.

An adult educator, experienced Reiki Master and parent of teenagers, Amanda understands how important it is to cater for diverse learner needs and meet people where they are at.

Your homework:

  • Consider how you might better support your students or children with their diverse needs in ways that make them feel seen, but not stand out.
  • Look for opportunities to ask your students, colleagues or family members about their needs and really listen to their responses.

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