Margaret Thorsborne: The healing ripples of Restorative Practices

Margaret Thornsborne

In this episode, I’m joined by Margaret Thorsborne, OAM. Margaret speaks about the power of Restorative Practices to heal trauma and relationships – far beyond a check-box exercise.

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Margaret Thorsborne was a pioneer of Restorative Practices and played an important role in introducing it into schools, first in Australia and New Zealand in the 90’s, and later in the UK. She has since trained conference facilitators and schools in education, community, police and justice sectors across Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Britain, the USA and Canada. She remains involved in this important reform in schools, working alongside government bodies and agencies across the world as a recognised expert in the field of Restorative Practices in schools and workplaces.

Your homework:

  • Think about an unresolved incident you were involved in. How might a restorative approach have supported healing?
  • How could you integrate a restorative approach into your work?
  • What opportunities are there for you to be curious, rather than furious?

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