Julie S Hasson: What we remember and value about our teachers

Julie Hasson

In this episode, I’m joined by Julie S Hasson, author, educator, story collector and speaker. Julie speaks about how we remember our teachers, the importance of building strong relationships with students and how to care for our own safety as teachers.

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Dr Julie Schmidt Hasson is a professor in the Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University. She is a former teacher and school principal. Julie’s research on the impact of a teacher is the topic of a TEDx talk and is the focus of her engaging professional development programs. She founded the Chalk and Chances project, a vehicle for elevating and celebrating teachers, in 2017. Her latest book, Safe, Seen, and Stretched in the Classroom, was released in November 2021.

Your homework: 

  • Notice any bids for connection that are coming from the people around you and watch how you are responding to these.
  • How can you make more effort to lean into bids for connection?

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