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In this episode, I’m joined by Annabelle Knight, Director of Strengths Canvass. Annabelle talks about the importance of putting people and relationships at the centre of education and how deep collaboration can provide multiple solutions for evolving the education system.

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Annabelle Knight has over 40 years experience in school leadership, pedagogy and wellbeing in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary contexts. Her consulting business, Strengths Canvass, empowers individuals and teams to experience greater wellbeing and higher performance through positive leadership.

Annabelle holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology and received a SACS Leadership Award. She has presented at several National and International conferences including the World Thinking Skills Conference and International Symposium for Coaching and Positive Psychology. Annabelle has enjoyed time in Finland, the USA and Reggio Emilia, Italy, studying pedagogy and learning. She is an advocate for using a strengths-based approach in education and sees the potential for it to impact positively on all areas of our lives.

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  • Find something to teach this week that sets your heart on fire (even if you have to set some of the curriculum aside).

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