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Janine Meadley is a registered teacher, counsellor and reiki practitioner with a Master of Education. She has experience teaching in government and independent sectors across all primary and secondary years and has worked in leadership development and innovative learning design. Janine has a knack for asking great questions, facilitating deep dialogue and delivering eye-opening presentations. She can tune into layers lying below the surface and help you face your challenges with compassion and courage.

Want someone to ruffle your feathers and play devil’s advocate? Need a compassionate ear instead? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Staff Provocation

Do you want your (education) staff to think differently about a particular idea or subject area? I can disrupt your staffroom by introducing them to upcoming hot-topics in the education space and provoke them to find practical pathways into the unknown. I specialise in the role education can play in healing our society and planet, but I’m open to exploring your individual needs. Get ready for some new energy and heightened discomfort levels for some.

Disruptive Leadership Conversations

Do you sometimes feel like no-one understands your vision and you’re going it alone? Do you need to be challenged and stretched by a fresh perspective? Let’s have some deep conversations about your leadership and organisational/school culture and I’ll ask the questions and give the feedback that everyone else is afraid to. Be prepared to lean into courage and commit to an ongoing relationship.

Organisational Healing

Does your organisation need a new vibe? Conversation circles and/or energy healing could help bring some fresh air to your working relationships and habits. Expect something a little different and keep an open heart and mind. You’ll need a few sessions to make an impact.

Individual Healing

Are you a teacher or school leader who feels a burnt out, lost or unsure how to move forward? I can provide counselling and reiki services as a registered practitioner in a location that suits you.

Working with Janine has made me a better teacher and a better lesson developer. She has a keen eye for detail and a passion for teaching and learning. Our professional conversations are always constructive, productive and enjoyable. I feel very lucky to have benefitted from her insights and expertise.

Naomi Russo

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